Cloud Migration and Modernization

We refactor or rewrite the application to make them container compatible, make use of the latest cloud technologies to convert the compatible applications to Serverless applications that help reduce the monitoring overhead along with infrastructure cost reduction.

DevOps Enablement

Our DevOps Enablement approach delivers better software quality as the development teams and IT ops team work together toward the common goal. We believe in an Infrastructure-as-a-code automation approach as it enables the development team to seamlessly code the infrastructure deployment automation.

Cloud-Native Development

Our modern cloud-native development architecture like Containerization, MicroServices, Serverless Applications, etc. provides multiple pathways for new development or re-designing of the legacy applications. These in combination with CI/CD practices help deliver scalable applications that are easy to maintain and have less time to market.

Multi-Cloud Expertise

We believe in having the right solution to the problem and we understand that one cloud solution is not the solution for all the problems. Based on the problem at hand, we provide the cloud solution and pick the right cloud provider viz. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud that best suits the customer’s needs.

Knowledge Expertise

Our experienced and trained team is our biggest asset. Serving clients across the globe from Japan and India gives us that edge in understanding and delivering the right solutions to your problems. All the founders are technocrats and focus on developing the team constantly through arranging training programs at regular intervals. The team members are encouraged to visit conferences and present papers. This ensures that we are updated at all the times with what goes around the globe in our sector of business and technology.

Our presence

Our offices are strategically located in India and Japan. Currently we are serving clients from the USA, Japan, India and other developed and developing countries. We have clients into Asset Management, Software Development, Insurance, Finance, etc. These are Fortune 500 companies and one of the leading companies in Japan is our esteemed client since last 5 years.